The Basics                                                                      

Big Change 50/50 is a weekly 50/50 draw.  Players can play a tonnie every week, or can purchase tickets for 6 or 12 months of a year.  The play locations will be at the Big Brothers Big Sisters office in Collingwood and at retail locations within the Georgian Triangle Covering the Towns of Collingwood, Meaford, Blue Mountains/Thornbury, Stayner and Wasaga Beach.

The goal for our first draw is to have 1,000 players and the winner winning $1,000.  By the end of the first year, we are expecting to grow the weekly pot to $5,000.  By the end of 8 years, we are hoping to grow to over $20,000 for each weekly winning pot and grossing over $1,000,000 per year.

The draw will take place at 3pm every Thursday.

The Play

Players will go to a retail partner.  Pull a sticker dot off the roll, place the dot on their toonie, write their ticket/player number on the sticker and underline the number.  Place the toonie and a filled out ticket into the play box.  Players can also purchase tickets for 6 months or one year at the Big Brothers Big Sisters office or website.

The Play Location

Each Retail Partner will have a box that is 9″ wide, 9″deep and 10″ tall.  This box will also have an 11″ high Plexiglas rise at the back to show the winners and next draw date.  On one side of the big, two Plexiglas brochure holders will be adhered that will hold tickets and draw information and pens.  On the right side of the box, a wheel will hold dot stickers.  Behind the cash counter, there will be a small box holding additional supplies (tickets,pens,dots,brochures and instructions).  This kit will also have a copy of the lottery licence for the retail partner.  The play bin must be in a prime location by the cash register.  Being a retail location will drive new customers to your location.

Visit any Retail Locations to pick up:

  • Shoppers Drug Mart (Collingwood)
  • MacEwan Gas (Collingwood)
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters (Collingwood)
  • Shoppers Drug Mart (Wasaga)
  • Wasaga Beach Variety (Wasaga)
  • D&L Variety (Nottawa)

Pickups at Retail Locations

Each Monday and Wednesday, a volunteer will come by to empty the Play Bin of toonies and Tickets, and will replenish the box with brochures, tickets, stickers and pens.  They will also replenish the kit behind the counter if needed.  This volunteer will always have Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Georgian Triangle ID.  The volunteer will also change the insert sheet on Wednesday and after the draw on Friday to show the new draw date and new winner.

Return on Investment

In participating stores in Miramichi area, each playing customer spends on average $11 at the participating play location.  Each participating retailer will have their business name in a weekly ad for the Collingwood Connection and the Wasaga Beach Sun as a play location in a quarter-page ad. Retailers that have 3 or more retail locations as play locations will have their business logo in the ad each week.  There is no commission for the play locations. Big Brothers Big Sisters has an excellent reputation and is a well-liked charity in great standing in the community.  This draw will bring new regular customers to your business.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Georgian Triangle holds a provincial lottery licence and will have a copy for each retail partner.

How BIG Change 50/50 Works

It only costs a toonie to play each week.  Every week, a number will be drawn from the entries and the winner will be announced.  Half of the entry funds are awarded to the selected winner and the rest is donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Georgian Triangle.  If you’ve entered a 50/50 draw at your local arena, sporting event or fundraiser, you’ve seen this process at work.

BIG Change 50/50 draws take place every Thursday at 3pm and can be viewed on Facebook Live on the BBBS of the Georgian Triangle page.

With great sponsors like Van Dolder Home Team and generous supporters like you, this lottery will be a key funding stream for years to come.

There are two easy ways to play BIG Change 50/50:

Pre-Pay for 6 or 12 Months Online

Step 1:  Visit the Pre-Pay Number page on this site

Step 2:  Select either 6 or 12 month pre-payment term, confirm you are an Ontario resident and select your preferred number (between 1 – 1,000)

Step 3: Checkout using PayPal.

At a BIG Change 50/50 Partner Location:

Step 1: Visit one of our partners to register.  Partners will be displayed on this site as they are announced.

Step 2: Complete the registration card. Tear off the large portion and keep it.  Complete your information & desired number on the small portion and place it in the 50/50 ballot box

Step 3:  Place a sticker on your toonie.  Write your number on The Toonie and place it in the BIG Change Box

Step 4:  Come back next week and play again

BIG Change 50 FAQ 

Big 50 50 Registration Sheet Final